We are the Knickerbocker Chapter of the American Begonia Society. We meet to discuss the horticulture of Begonias.


Future Meetings and events:
Thursday, November 9,2017
“Propagating Begonias”

Longtime Begonia grower and Past President Carol G. Smith will chair the discussion on Begonia propagation. Bring extra cuttings  and share your experiences in propagating Begonias.

  • Dues are $18 per year for six meetings

  • Bring cuttings, baggies and markers!! There will be lots of material.

Bring dues of $18 if not paid; checks made out to Knickerbocker Chapter ABS. Mail to: Wallace Wells PO Box 2034 Old Chelsea Station New York, NY 10113-2034 Wallace Wells, Pres.

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Begoniacs in the Big City